Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is international dental tourism?

A. International dental tourism is the practice of traveling to foreign countries for dental care to save money or access high-quality treatment.

Q. How can dental tourism benefit me?

A. Dental tourism can benefit you by providing cost-effective dental care while allowing you to enjoy a vacation in a foreign destination, combining health and leisure.

Q. Where can I find information about dental tourism services?

A. You came to the right place for your dental needs because we provide comprehensive information about dental tourism services.

Q. What are the cost savings compared to getting dental work done locally?

A. You can enjoy significant cost savings, up to 70%, by getting dental work done abroad, all while combining it with a vacation.

Q. How do I ensure the quality of care and hygiene standards?

A. We ensure quality care and hygiene standards by connecting you with certified dentists with years of experience, backed by thorough research to provide the best care possible.

Q. Do you offer packages that include travel and accommodation?

A. We understand many people have air mile and may want to book your own flights. We also have a travel agent that can help you with the process of flights and accommodations.

Q. What is the booking process for dental tourism services?

A. Ones you decided to proceed. We take a $100 non-refundable deposit to get you priority scheduled with one of our dentist. We would send you a questioner so we can create a package that fits your needs.

Q. Are there language barriers when seeking dental care abroad?

A. No language barriers when seeking dental care abroad; our drivers speak English, and we provide interpreters if required for appointments.

Q. How do I obtain a visa for dental treatment purposes?

A. No visa required for up to 3 months that can also be extended.

Q. What payment options are available for dental tourism packages?

A. Pay as your services are provided. $100 non refundable deposit gets you started.

Q Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?

A. No, we quote you on what you need, only if the dentist finds you may need additional treatment or some unforeseen condition. Our dentist are honest and will try to do all possible to honor the estimates.

Q. Can you assist with travel arrangements and transportation in the destination country?

A. Yes we can handle all your travel arrangements and tourist destinations that you desire.